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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Opening post

This is my first post to talk about my sewing and fabric habit. I thought about creating one on my godaddy account, but if you use up too much bandwidth they will charge you for it. Eeek. So here I am. It's rather bare right now. No links or anything.

I have been regularly surfing fabric shops on the internet and drooling over some of the really nice knits that are available. I'm really trying to cut back on internet fabric purchases, especially since a few pieces of pant weight fabric did not turn out to be so great. In fact, I tossed two projects over it and got rid of a third piece of fabric. Soooo, I went over to Jenny's to pick up some waistband elastic for some elastic waist linen pants for work. She is really upgrading her store. I'm seeing a few new things every time I go in, like today I saw some Amy Butler style fabrics and some lacy elastic. I also got my waistband elastic and three pieces of tshirt knit from the flatfold department. One is a 60's style print with the pink and green and brown flowers, one is a Japanese style pastel print and the third one is a blue toile on white background. I need some experimental type sewing fabric.