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Sunday, July 8, 2007

I've posted a few pictures of a first draft and a second draft of Vogue 2957. They are on my picturetrail account under mastdenman.


In the first muslin, I narrowed the shoulders a little an created a back neckdart. I also squared off the shoulders and graded the bottom portion up a couple of sized. The sleeves ended up being very tight and the bodice portion was very snug too. It hung up on my bum. The back shoulder seemed to be a little too square so I took a tuck out of the back armscye running to the neckline. Also graded the bodice and arms up a size and dropped the armhole about 3/8 of an inch. Made a swayback adjustment.

Redrew the pattern pieces and made draft 2. The jacket went on much more smoothly. I could barely get the first one on. The sleeves are a little short and wide in the sleeve cap, but otherwise look fine. Will need just a little adjustment. It is still too tight over the mid-back. I have a distinctive baby dowager's hump beginning. The fabric has a fold from the upper mid back to the side waist. The bust looks a little tight like a tiny FBA might be needed. There is a pull from the front shoulder to center between the bust. I slashed the back horizontally from arm to arm and will add a little vertical length. I'm taking a little tuck around the middle from front side waist to back side waist and maybe a little more out of the center back to make up for the added fabric in the upper middle.

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