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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The biannual blog post

It's now July and I'm just posting a second note for the year. I've finished the sophia blouse from Silouette Patterns, and it still needs another tweak. The neck in front is a little high. It needs to be lowered about a half inch and the collar extended a tad bit to cover the extra.

I took pictures of the silk version and it looks to be very oversized, so they haven't been posted. The collar kind of flops down on the left side, but noone seems to notice. It's very comfortable and the garments that she wears seem to be very oversided too. It's one of the reasons that I made it an extra size larger. The blouse seems to have that oversized campshirt type fit.

I'm debating whether or not to make another one.

Otherwise, I'm tracing out a Burda jacket from the July 2008 issue. It will be for work and may or may not be lined using the flip and stitch method.

Another blouse is in the works. It will have a lapel collar, puffy cap sleeve and a yoke in the back with a gathered back piece. Version 2 is coming up. Then maybe a couple of silk versions in pastels for work. That will use up the sand washed silk from PR Weekend in L.A. I've used up 5 pieces of the fabric. The faux wool pant weight doesn't wear well or look very good. I just may use the last piece for a muslin, not even wearable. It's disappointing because I wanted new pants. Maybe I'll go off to Fabricland in Orange and get some new stuff. I'm 4 yards in the black for the year fabricwise.

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