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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wild Ginger knit tops

I uploaded pictures of a couple of knit tops drafted with PMB. The first is a cotton poly knit three quarter length sleeve top, tunic length. The bust dart is rotated into the shoulder. If I make another one of these I will move the shoulder seam towards the front because the gathered dart has a tendency to slide off the shoulder. If you cut off an inch or two and tape it to the back shoulder, that problem is eliminated.

The second top is a design from PMB too. I was in Mitsua Marketplace looking at Japanese patternbooks. This one was in either Mrs. Stylebook or Lady Boutique. Since this was the only style that appealed, I made some notes into my cell phone and took them home. This is a tunic length top with a flared side seam, cap sleeves, bust dart rotated into the neck line. Then you get rid of the bumps in the neckline caused by the dart fold and add an inch onto the center front and center back. The center back is gathered in and sewn in place under the self fabric edging. The front bust darts and extra fabric is gathered by sewing beads into the neckline with the fullness pulled around the beads. It looks quite a bit like the magazine, except for the side seam bottom. It is supposed to have the pointed ends hanging down on the side, but I didn't get them long enough and probably should have curved them down.

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