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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I haven't posted for a year. Argh. My sewing has been sadly lacking lately. The projects that I have worked on have not turned very well. The problem here is working with cheap fabric. I experimented with a raglan sleeve tshirt and the knit was too flabby. It looked like a first project gone awry. This was using a sweater knit remnant purchased from a well known (in the sewing world) estore that supposedly sells fairly nice product. Well, not this one. The knit pilled and pulled and was generally a mess. So into the round bin it went.

My next knit top was better because it was a much more stable knit. I'm not sure it's really a knit because it ravels badly. The top will get worn as long as it lasts.

Back to raglans. I'm trying to draft a raglan top from my PMB top because their raglan is atrocious IMHO. It's definitely a learning curve. I also have a couple pieces of knit that need to leave the stash because I will never use them.
They're too flabby and have no recovery or body to them.

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