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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vogue 7468 continued

The first wearable muslin of the Claire Schaffer pants is almost complete. I ended up putting a 1/2 inch dart in the center back to take out excess in the waist. The back pantleg is not balanced on the bottom. Not sure if that's the patterns fault or my fault because I traced it while fitting it. The closure and the hem needs to be put in. They are very comfortable to wear around and look nice (except for the twisted leg). The balancing of the twisted leg should fix it.

ASG had their annual yard sale last weekend. I went to work late and did some serious damage there. A piece of silk jacket weight fabric, wool poly blend (turquoise), black/brown, wool/rayon blend and some linen came home with me as well as the Judy Barlap Japanese Tailoring tapes and a couple of miscellanous pieces of fabric. All for about $32.

I have to figure out how I want to pretreat the gray tropical wool. I may put it into the washing machine on the hand wash cycle.

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Kathi Rank said...

I just checked in on your blog and see that you are posting again ..... good to know what you are working on. Sounds like you are building a great work wardrobe...I have been working on Jalie jeans and have made multiple adjustments but I finally got them right.

Keep up the info flow and I'll be checking back more frequently.